As much as I love photography, I currently only donate my time to take photos for non-profit organizations. 

I am a mother, reality TV junkie, baker, and photographer.

When I had my first child I wanted to capture his intense gaze, his smile, and his first experiences. I wanted to capture everything about him. My hobby for photography grew as I realized photographs allow us to relive the moment and feel the magic, over and over again. I want everyone to have those special moments.


We've all seen the photos from Target, Picture People, JCPenney, Sears, etc. Think about those images then throw them out the window because that is the complete opposite of what and how I shoot outdoors. I am much more of a photojournalistic photographer. I find great joy in meeting each family and child and bringing out that individuality in photographs. At times I prefer to let a child's curious nature take the lead while I follow along quietly capturing those candid moments. Other times I may have a more specific idea in mind and will gently guide your child along. When possible, I like to incorporate both styles into your session, resulting in a nice variety of portraits. As for my sleepy newborn and baby sessions, I shoot indoors with a variety of props. Each session is unique and I consider it a great honor that my clients choose me to perform this very important service for them.


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